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Can We Stop Pretending Islam Is A Religion?

Can We Stop Pretending Islam Is A Religion?

As a card carrying anarchist (heh), I have a sworn duty to uphold and do what I can to protect the liberty to worship who, where, and what people want to. 

Ok, so it isn't a "duty" per ce', but it is a pretty important aspect of being an anarchist, I think. 

That said, can we stop pretending Islam is a religion? Or at least, solely a religion? Much less a peaceful one? 

 I have defended Islam for years because I convinced myself it was a religion hijacked, based on an academic understanding.

But it is not.

You see, the problem with an academic understanding is that it does not require you to have skin in the game. They teach you that an academic understanding actually increases your empathy.

This is a lie.

If it were true, these academics would have sympathy for children blown to pieces last night, or the children and other innocent people run down in Nice, or ANY of the other attacks the west has suffered on an unrelenting basis for the last decade or so.

It is time to stop calling a rose by some other name. It is time to call a spade a spade.

It is time to call Islam what it is.

A terroristic, violent, political ideology masquerading as a peaceful religion no different than Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism or Sikhism, or any other relatively peaceful and modern religion.

It is a death cult, much like communism.

I don't know what the response is or should be.

But it is not tolerance, or further "Islamic multiculturalism." That is for sure.

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