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Just Some Quick Thoughts

The circus is in town. Er, I mean, the elections are finally happening. Just some quick thoughts –


As of writing this (it’s 4:35pm Pacific time), and Donald Trump is currently in the lead with 19 electoral votes to Hillary’s 3. Of course, it’s still really early on, but I find that interesting. The states used for these scores were pretty much given for each candidate, but still.

 Edit - As soon as I posted this, Trump went up to 24, while Hillary remains at 3 - Chris

I think a far more relevant topic concerning this election, however, is the fact that I believe that the Alt-Right (and other related groups) are here to stay. This election definitely created an environment for the Alt-Right to thrive, but I believe it is a now a permanent fixture, both in American politics, as well as for the rest of the world.

I think it’ll be mostly made up of millennials, or younger people who have been disillusioned with both the constitutionalism and small government of conservatism, who they see as having abandoned traditional values (think John McCain, Mitt Romney types), and the egalitarian nature of libertarianism. In many ways, the Alt-Right is also a response to modern feminism and the failures of the libertarian philosophy, or at least, what they see as failures. These types were already turned off by modern conservatism and tea party ideas, I feel. But they wouldn’t have joined those groups anyway.

In any case, the alt-right is here to stay, and they will be the voice of conservative philosophy (it’s a branch, but not the same, to be sure) for decades to come, especially as the older conservatives begin to (finally) die out. Win or lost, the Alt-Right is here to stay. 


Oh, and just because it's fun to speculate on who will win, here's my prediction: All things being equal, Trump wins in a landslide. Granted, this system is not equal, and voting corruption is a very real thing, so I'll still be surprised if he does win. 

In any case, govern yourself. Be an Anarchist. :-)

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