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This Madness Has To Stop

Throughout the entire election, we were told how evil, racist, violent, xenophobic, misogynistic, and just plain vile Trump and his supporters were. Hillary called them a "basket of deplorables," despite having no evidence (aside from Trump claiming that he could grab someone "by the pussy," - Which is not an admission, nor is there any existing evidence for) for such claims. 

The msm peddled a narrative that seemed to confirm it, only - once again - there was never a shred of evidence to corroborate. Eventually, there was one incident that showed up that, for the msm, validated every single fear-mongering lie they'd been spewing. Apparently at one Trump rally, a Trump supporter punched a guy in the face. So yes, that one thing happened.

After that though? Nothing. Not one more validated, proven, incident. Just the msm, from CNN, MSNBC, to network news stations like ABC, CBS, and NBC, pushing the same talking points, despite no other evidence for verification. I already talked about this once, but the media has been completely invalidated during this election. They are completely impotent, and generally useless.

And now that the election is over, those same media talking heads are outright ignoring the verifiable, video-taped, actually existing evidence of their side's supporters actually doing all of those things they called Trump out for. Here are 3 of the most recent and disgusting examples:

1. This...female (because she's no lady) literally defecates on a sign or poster of Donald Trump, and then proceeds to smear the feces (with her bare hand) all over the sign. Oh, and it was in public. (NSFW warning - seriously, it's gross, as are these people generally) 

2. This...biological female who spawned this poor child (because she's no mother) literally kicked her child (who looks to be no more than 8 or 9) out of the house because he voted in a school presidential election for Donald Trump. Despite pleas from her child to "save me," and despite tears running down his face as he cries and screams for her not to do this, she coldly tells him to get out of the house. Despicable. And it is borderline child abuse. The trauma of this poor child.... 

3. These...biological males (because they may not actually be human beings for doing things like this) actually pulled an old man out of his car, beat him senseless, and then stole his car. All for the egregious sin of having voted for Donald Trump. How they knew it, I'm not sure. My suspicion is that he had a Trump bumper sticker, but I don't actually know it. 

4. Had to make an edit, because this one just came across my news feed. Sophomore in High School posts on her private instagram account that she hoped Trump would win. The very next day at school? "...a female classmate approached her and asked: 'Do you hate Mexicans,' before slamming her to the ground." But hey, those violent Trump people, amirite?

Edited 11/15/2016 @11:18am

4. This woman was trying to drive through an area where Portland, Oregon protesters were marching. According to her, she had a family emergency. And unlike faux reporters who only utilize twitter 3rd hand accounts with no verifiable evidence, I continue to add to this list (which could easily be significantly longer) verified, video-based, evidence and confirmed reports of attacks on just regular people or Trump supporters. Don't believe the media, or unverified twitter reports regarding the main msm narrative. 

Now, wasn't this the kind of behavior we were supposed to expect from Donald Trump and his supporters? Where is the evidence? Where is the verification? Where is the proof? The same MSM that lied to people, and continued to use bogus polls, that they still can't explain how they got wrong, is now ignoring these stories as they spend their time crying, and moaning, and "gnashing and wailing" while America burns around them thanks to all these stupid protesters, looters, terrible women, terrible mothers, and mobs beating people up. Not a peep. 

Free yourself from the media narrative. Think for yourself. Engage in some self-study and self-reflection. Free your mind. Turn off your TV. And after all that? GOVERN YOURSELF. 

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