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What Was Trump Doing? I'll Tell You - And no, feminists - You Are NOT Right

On Sunday, right around 69.2 million people tuned in to watch the 2nd Presidential Debate between Republican Nominee Donald Trump and Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton. And, like clockwork, less than a day later feminists were up in arms about the fact that, according to their perception (i.e. – objective lens of reality - *barf*), Donald Trump “stalked” Hillary around the stage. The Huffing-a-ton Post couldn’t stop itself, and still seems to be putting out article after article, or video round-ups (be warned, - feminist lunacy in the form of tweets abound on these links) of this supposed stalker behavior, but on top of that, a seemingly endless supply of feminists have shared their “uncomfort” at Trumps “bullying.” One “verified” account on Twitter belonging to Melissa Ryan (Why it’s verified, and what she does…I have no clue) pinned this tweet on her profile – “Note to my male friends who might not realize: Trump’s standing behind her is a bullying tactic. Abusive men do this to us all the time.” Hundreds of follow-up posts from feminists thoroughly confirm the "aggressiveness" of the tactic, and some even detail their “abuse” (Because standing next to, behind, in front of, or walking near, around, or in the general vicinity of a women is abuse these days) that they experience on a daily basis.

This nonsense aside, if, as man, I may be so bold as to offer an explanation of this “stalking,” “abusive,” and “bullying” tactic?

The walking behind Hillary? He was LISTENING! This was a debate between two people, and Hillary is constantly walking away from the discussion (huehuehue – figures. Why aren’t we taking about THAT!), and addressing the crowd. I posit that Donald, despite there being mics, was actually showing RESPECT to Hillary by following her, as a means to illustrate that he was simply listening. Such a bully! Only modern feminists could find a common female critique that a man tries to remedy, and when he does, they tear him down for it, too.

What about the general “roaming,” that leftist publications and feminists have harked on? Let me ask this question to the men: How many of you achieve that level of deep, concentrated thought, the kind that results in a “eureka moment,” or a level of inspiration needed for an epic comeback, and do it while sitting still? Men move. We progress. This moving around is symbolic of our need and innate desire to move forward, always building, creating, influencing…

Hillary might be sitting down while Trump is talking, but that’s because she’s not thinking of her next response or statement. She’s got it pre-planned. She knows the questions that are going to be asked. Hell, CNN has got focus groups chanting her slogans for her!

Trump, on the other hand, like any thoughtful human being, is PACING. This is something I do frequently when lost in thought, or concentrating on something that needs getting done. I don’t know how many University exams and tests got done and got done well because my prep was based primarily on the ability to pace in order to process appropriately what I needed to do or say. Trump's behavior, especially as he moves around the room, seemingly in awkward places and touching things in funny ways (admittedly, he totally humped that chair), is characteristic of somebody whose physical motions are on autopilot, and is lost in thought.

And so not only are these feminists wrong about their assessment of Trumps behavior - immediately pointing to the worst in the man for confirmation - they are also saying that typical male behavior, once again, is predatory and “wrong.” This is gender-shaming at its worst, and I would exhort all red-pill men and women to call these modern feminists out for it when they peddle this lunacy.  It should be clear from the content of this blog and my various twitter accounts that I do not support Trump, Hillary, or any politician running. However, that doesn’t preclude me from attacking any ridiculous assertions by people whose job it is to peddle lies, filth, and degeneracy.

Consider this an example.




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