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New Blog Post, and New Anarchist Pictures of the Week

Hey all! 

Got the first part of the  set on the Pillars up - The Pillar of Liberty. 

Give it a read, and don't forget to leave me a comment, alright? 


Also, I will shortly be adding 3 new and original Anarchist pics of the week. These pictures are designed to be humorous, often employing memes to make the point. Sometimes they may take a more serious tone, however. I'll also let you know if I created the meme, or if somebody else did. These first 3 that I will be adding in a moment are creations of mine. Feel free to post em anywhere and everywhere! Spread them! Share the blog! Follow me on Twitter too! 


Thanks again, everyone! 

Problems with the Anarchist Pics of the Week

Twitter Account Active!