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Hey guys, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know I will be taking a break from the "The Pillars" series to begin my blog series "Is Anarchy compatible with...", and start with Trans-Humanism! 


Trans-humanism is a philosophical passion of mine, and I hope to be able to share that with you in the coming weeks. As a primer for that upcoming blog post, I've posted an Essay in the Anarchy Related Essay page dealing with that very issue. Trans-humanism, from a medical perspective, is an interesting field, and my primary reason for my graduate studies in Bio-Medical Ethics. So while the essay is intended to give you a glimpse into what Trans-humanism means, what the essay concerns itself with is showing how it is not some utopian ideal (a common critique for Anarchism also) but a very real method for dealing with complex medical issues. And the tools that Trans-humanists have been predicting for years now are actually being developed. It was incredibly difficult the narrow down the 2 main examples I talk about in the essay. There are so many awesome forms of technology on the horizon that it should be incredibly inspiring to Trans-humanists and Anarchists alike. 3D printing, more and more advanced cybernetic limbs, bionic eyes, etc...This is just the beginning. And anarchists should be at the forefront of supporting these sorts of things because the more control a person has over their own body, the less control others have over it. In bio-medical ethics, this concept is called autonomy. For Anarchists, we call it liberty. But these concepts are very much one in the same, and as Anarchists, this is something we need to get behind. 


Anyway, the primer essay is up. It is NOT the blog post "Is Anarchy compatible with Trans-Humanism?" That is coming up, and the essay is intended to just give you an intro of sorts. I hope you like it! 


Oh, and if you want a far more enjoyable and bite-size primer - and certainly a bit more these videos, and DON'T be inspired...go on, I dare you - Check out these videos from one of my modern philosophical heroes, Jason Silva. 

Bio Technology - Our New Canvas is Life Itself


Technologies of Ecstasy

Artificial Intelligence


And for the record, no - I am not sponsored by Shots of Awe, or Jason Silva. :-P I just recognize a philosophical ally when I see it. 

Lastly, sorry for the long News and Updates post. I hope they won't be this long in the future. :-)

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