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Male? Read these blogs too

One thing I am learning to become obsessed with is personal responsibility to myself. What that can look like, and often does for me, is self-improvement. I work on myself daily, and am learning to incorporate more physical aspects into this as well, although the balance is imbalanced for me with the most emphasis on mental well-being. I'm learning to balance. :-)

That said, mental progress is something I simply cannot live without. So that means copious amounts of reading - on my laptop, my phone, and good ol' fashioned books. I am constantly reading, incorporating, learning, and applying. 

And below, are a list of blogs and websites that I am addicted to. And as a man, these are especially helpful as I have begun to reconnect with my masculinity. And no, masculinity isn't "toxic." 

Although many of these blogs have political leanings, and many of the proponents of these blogs support Trump (I still have yet to understand this), I am posting them because they have great value for men learning to be men, or men who understand what their maleness and masculinity already means to them. 

Now, not all of the blogs have that bend. Some are just good reading, and consistent with my brand of Anarchy. And that's good enough for me to post them here. 

All in all, better yourself. Here are some of my blogs that I read frequently, if not daily. 

Subject: Being A Man and Masculinity, Red Pill Philosophy

www.returnofkings (their "best books for men" article is a must in like reading)

Subject: Politics and Political Philosophy Surrounding Voluntaryism and Anarchy, and other related ideas...(What I call "Political Red Pill Philosophy"

Subject: Technology and Trans-Humanism (May not always reflect Anarchist ideals) <--If his "Shots of Awe" series on YouTube doesn't leave you inspired, you may not be human. :-)

For now, consider this list ongoing. :-) Happy reading! 


Some Changes and "Upgrades," If You Will.

Some Changes and "Upgrades," If You Will.

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