Sam Harris, The AltRight, and Difficult Facts


Crazy, isn’t it? We’ve all seen the videos. We all know that there is virtually no difference between a standard antifa book-burning and property destroying/looting event, or the islamic rampage that has been ruining Paris since at least the summer of 2015. Same facts. Same contexts. Same results.

Same solution..."

Some Realizations About The Similarities Of Religion And The State

"...When Aristotle or Plato talked about “politics,” what they were talking about was a given society. “Politics” was the interactions between individuals on a societal level. We call this the body politic.From here, it isn’t a stretch to then define “politics” as the “theology of a society, which gives rise to government.” In other words, there exists a spiritual, or “eternal” religion (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc…) and a “temporal” religion. And both of these “religions” have their own set of ethics, their “ought to’s.” We call these laws, or commandments, but they are the ways these religions command us to live. And if we don’t…?"

Identity and Anarchy pt. 1

...We have 2 kinds of identity – one chosen, and one not chosen. A not chosen, or involuntary identity marker could be something biological – like race, gender, or sexual orientation. A chosen identity is one which is inherently voluntary, and willingly placed upon your own shoulders, and claimed as your own by you. Perhaps a religious identity, or a political affiliation...

The Civic Duty of an Anarchist

...Being an anarchist doesn’t mean you cannot be involved in the political process. It just means that your focus is, generally, going to be on education, peaceful persuasion, ethical and truthful argumentation and refutation, and trying to create a society that values more freedom over more security...